Tuesday, October 7, 2014

First New Music from Bach Violin Solo - Quick Sample

Here's the first simple example of the sort of files we're trying to produce for Organ Donor.

This file was created by taking the statistics of a Bach Violin Solo (the Partita No.2 Gigue), and analyzing them in the following way. Each note was examined (with a software program) to find out what note followed. After all the notes were counted up, we then calculated the probabilities of which note would follow any particular note that had occurred in the piece.

We then picked a random note, and "rolled the loaded dice" to see which note we should go with next. Once we saw which note we came up with, we did it again. We collected a 100-note-long sample.

For the original song that was analyzed, here's Hillary Hahn playing it:

For our very simplified example song:

midi file

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