Sunday, June 7, 2015

Organ Donor at San Diego County Fair - Day 2

We spent part of the day demonstrating and maintaining Organ Donor Opus 1 at the San Diego County Fair today.

We arrived to find a blown fuse! We replaced it and got Opus 1 back up and running at full capacity. The blown fuse took out one of the two controllers, so only half the pipes were playing. However, with all the settings usually selected, plenty of notes were filling in the sound.

We measured the console to make Version Two, which will include updated controls and a screen. The screen-equipped console is dubbed The Organelle. We're 3D printing the escutcheon and backplate for the screen over the next few days.

We disinfected the keys with clorox wipes and checked to make sure all the tubing was still in place.

More Fair next week! The Fair is closed Monday and Tuesday, but opens back up on Wednesday.

People love the organ, enjoy playing it, and some are actually studying the posters. See the Documents page for the current set of posters!

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